Patterson player granted injunction


A Baltimore City circuit court judge yesterday granted a 10-day reprieve to a Patterson football player that allows the student -- ruled ineligible by city school officials -- to practice and play for the Clippers in next week's regular-season finale.

Judge John Phillip Miller's decision stands pending a review of an appeal to the city's board of school commissioners, said the player's attorney, Allan Steinhorn.

The student-athlete failed three courses at Mervo, two of which were not offered in summer school; Steinhorn said the player, a junior, earned three B's and a C in summer classes taken at Patterson.

The city's Rules On Athletics handbook reads, "Students may become eligible for all activities by completing summer school."

Said Steinhorn: "The rule does not say the student has to [repeat] the courses he failed the previous quarter."

The decision does not affect the two games Patterson (7-2) forfeited to Dunbar and Poly.

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