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NFL injury report


Today's games

Arizona at St. Louis

CARDINALS: Out: DE Kenny King (toe); WR Jason McAddley (hamstring). Doubtful: WR Kevin Kasper (back). Questionable: DT Wendell Bryant (ankle); G Leonard Davis (foot); C Jason Starkey (shoulder). Probable: QB Jeff Blake (heel); LB Levar Fisher (knee); WR Larry Foster (ankle); WR Bryan Gilmore (knee).

RAMS: Out: DE Courtland Bullard (hamstring); WR Kevin Curtis (leg); RB Marshall Faulk (hand/knee); G David Loverne (elbow); S Jason Sehorn (foot). Questionable: RB Dan Curley (calf); CB Travis Fisher (shoulder); CB Kevin Garrett (wrist); WR Shaun McDonald (thumb); DT Ryan Pickett (tendonitis).

Atlanta at Carolina

FALCONS: Out: QB Michael Vick (leg). Doubtful: WR Brian Finneran (hand); LB Sam Rogers (knee). Probable: G Travis Claridge (shoulder); WR LaTarence Dunbar (groin); DT Ellis Johnson (shoulder); TE Brian Kozlowski (calf); CB Tod McBride (thumb); S Gerald McBurrows (neck); S Kevin McCadam (hamstring).

PANTHERS: Questionable: LB Mike Caldwell (knee). Probable: LB Dan Morgan (hamstring).

Cincinnati at Cleveland

BENGALS: Out: WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh (hamstring); LB Riall Johnson (calf). Doubtful: TE Matt Schobel (hamstring). Probable: RB Corey Dillon (groin); RB Rudi Johnson (thigh); S Marquand Manuel (hamstring); LB Brian Simmons (shoulder).

BROWNS: Questionable: QB Kelly Holcomb (ankle); CB Michael Lehan (hamstring); WR Dennis Northcutt (chest).

Dallas at N.Y. Jets

COWBOYS: Questionable: CB Derek Ross (knee). Probable: T Ryan Young (knee).

JETS: Out: CB Donnie Abraham (shoulder); QB Chad Pennington (wrist). Questionable: LB Jason Glenn (ankle). Probable: DE John Abraham (hamstring); C Kevin Mawae (knee).

Detroit at Denver

LIONS: Out: WR Eddie Drummond (ankle/knee); CB Andre' Goodman (shoulder). Questionable: G Ray Brown (chest); WR Shawn Jefferson (ribs); WR Bill Schroeder (knee). Probable: QB Joey Harrington (finger).

BRONCOS: Doubtful: S Kenoy Kennedy (ankle). Questionable: DT Daryl Gardener (hand); RB Clinton Portis (chest). Probable: RB Mike Anderson (knee); CB Willie Middlebrooks (neck); QB Jake Plummer (shoulder).

Jacksonville at Houston

JAGUARS: Doubtful: QB Mark Brunell (elbow); WR Micah Ross (ankle); CB Kiwaukee Thomas (groin). Questionable: LB Keith Mitchell (neck); LB Shannon Taylor (calf); LB Eric Westmoreland (knee). Probable: RB Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala (hamstring); CB James Trapp (ankle).

TEXANS: Questionable: G Milford Brown (knee). Probable: LB Charlie Clemons (chest); RB Domanick Davis (hip); LB Jay Foreman (shoulder); TE Rashod Kent (ankle); LB Antwan Peek (knee); DE Gary Walker (shoulder).

New England at Washington

PATRIOTS: Out: LB Ted Johnson (foot); DT Ted Washington (leg). Doubtful: LB Mike Vrabel (arm). Questionable: TE Fred Baxter (leg); S Je'Rod Cherry (leg); T Adrian Klemm (ankle); CB Ty Law (ankle); RB Fred McCrary (knee); WR David Patten (knee); C Damien Woody (knee). Probable: QB Tom Brady (arm).

REDSKINS: Questionable: G Dave Fiore (knee); TE Zeron Flemister (ankle). Probable: CB Champ Bailey (wrist/shoulder); DT Jermaine Haley (hand); WR Taylor Jacobs (abdomen); LB Antonio Pierce (ankle).

Philadelphia at Buffalo

EAGLES: Out: S Brian Dawkins (foot). Doubtful: DE Jerome McDougle (ankle); CB Bobby Taylor (foot). Questionable: DE Brandon Whiting (hamstring). Probable: LB Carlos Emmons (foot); WR Todd Pinkston (shoulder).

BILLS: Out: RB Phillip Crosby (leg); RB Sammy Morris (abdomen). Questionable: RB Travis Henry (chest).

San Diego at Oakland

CHARGERS: Out: WR Reche Caldwell (wrist); TE Josh Norman (hamstring); T Vaughn Parker (knee). Questionable: TE Stephen Alexander (groin); TE Phil Bogle (knee); WR Tim Dwight (knee); S Vernon Fox (abdomen); G Solomon Page (ankle); DE Marcellus Wiley (hamstring).

RAIDERS: Out: WR Jerry Porter (abdomen). Questionable: DE Trace Armstrong (ribs); G Mo Collins (knee); S Anthony Dorsett (ankle); RB Chris Hetherington (hamstring); RB Ronney Jenkins (ankle); TE Teyo Johnson (ankle); T Lincoln Kennedy (calf); LB Bill Romanowski (concussion); DT Dana Stubblefield (ankle); C Adam Treu (hamstring); DE Sam Williams (knee); S Rod Woodson (knee).

San Francisco at Minnesota

49ERS: Out: TE Eric Johnson (collarbone); CB Jason Webster (knee). Doubtful: G Eric Heitmann (ankle). Questionable: T Derrick Deese (ankle). Probable: DE John Engelberger (Achilles); QB Jeff Garcia (groin); T Scott Gragg (ankle); CB Rashad Holman (groin); RB Terry Jackson (foot); C Jeremy Newberry (ankle/quadriceps); S Tony Parrish (knee); G Ron Stone (ankle); WR Tai Streets (knee); CB Jimmy Williams (concussion).

VIKINGS: Questionable: WR D'Wayne Bates (foot); QB Daunte Culpepper (back); DT Billy Lyon (leg). Probable: LB Greg Biekert (ribs); S Jack Brewer (chest); RB Doug Chapman (ankle); WR Randy Moss (back); LB Nick Rogers (hip).

Tennessee at Pittsburgh

TITANS: Questionable: WR Drew Bennett (shoulder); LB Rocky Boiman (shoulder/hand); RB Chris Brown (hamstring); DT Albert Haynesworth (elbow); G Benji Olson (knee); TE Frank Wycheck (concussion).

STEELERS: Questionable: RB Verron Haynes (knee); T Marvel Smith (shoulder). Probable: C Jeff Hartings (ankle); S Chris Hope (groin); CB Chidi Iwuoma (concussion); TE Jay Riemersma (chest); TE Jerame Tuman (chest).

Indianapolis at New Orleans

COLTS: Out: T Ryan Diem (ankle); CB Joseph Jefferson (pelvis). Doubtful: WR Brandon Stokley (hamstring); CB Donald Strickland (groin). Questionable: DE Dwight Freeney (ankle/abdomen); RB Edgerrin James (back); RB Dominic Rhodes (knee). Probable: S Cory Bird (hamstring); S Jason Doering (finger); CB Walt Harris (knee); DT Brandon Hicks (knee); T Adam Meadows (knee); TE Marcus Pollard (illness); DT Montae Reagor (back); C Jeff Saturday (back); G Steve Sciullo (foot).

SAINTS: Out: CB Dale Carter (eye); LB Sedrick Hodge (knee); DE Darren Howard (wrist); DT Johnathan Sullivan (knee). Doubtful: LB Cie Grant (knee). Probable: DT Henry Ford (ankle); LB Roger Knight (ankle); LB Derrick Rodgers (neck); RB Terrelle Smith (knee).

Tomorrow's game

Green Bay at Chicago

PACKERS: Questionable: RB Nicolas Luchey (calf/thumb). Probable: RB Najeh Davenport (hamstring); S Antuan Edwards (chest); WR Robert Ferguson (knee); RB Tony Fisher (groin); DT Cletidus Hunt (knee); DT-DE Aaron Kampman (ankle); G Marco Rivera (eye); TE Wesley Walls (hamstring).

BEARS: Doubtful: S Cameron Worrell (knee); LB Bobbie Howard (hamstring); G Chris Villarrial (knee). Questionable: T Mike Gandy (knee).

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