Commercial Leasing

Commercial real estate new leasing activity in Maryland of at least 3,000 square feet:

Tenant Landlord Location Square footage Agent(s)


All Risks Ltd. Sterling York LLC 10150 York Road, Hunt Valley 43,038 S. Caplan & M. Haas, Manekin, for tenant; B. Doyle, CBC, MP, for the landlord.

Chesapeake Bay Shipping & Warehouse Services MIE Properties 3914 Vero Road, Baltimore 28,500 M. Weinfeld, CP, for the tenant; R. Williamson, MIE, for the landlord.


Apex AMB Property Corp. 8301 Patuxent Range Road, Jessup 8,100 A. Riorda & J. Boote, KLNB, for both parties.

Maximus Inc. Reliant Energy 7 E.Redwood St., Balto. 8,047 A. Gross, CBC, for both parties.

POS Solutions LLC MIE Properties 806 Cromwell Park Drive, Glen Burnie 3,000 M. Gill, Mac, for the tenant; R. Williamson, MIE, for the landlord.

ABBREVIATIONS: CBC - Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT; CP - Colliers Pinkard; KLNB - NAI/KLNB Commercial Real Estate; Mac - MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services/ONCOR; MIE - MIE Properties Development; MP - Merritt Properties