County road work projects announced for the week

Carroll County Department of Public Works has announced road construction projects for this week.

For information on the projects below, contact Carroll County Bureau of Engineering at 410-386-2171.


Shoulder work: John Hyde, John Shelby and Jasontown roads from Springdale Road to Route 852; Grave Run Road from Baltimore County to the state line; Oklahoma Road from Route 26 to Mineral Hill Road.

Storm drain work and paving: Stone House Village subdivision, all streets; Streamwood subdivision, all streets.


Storm drain work: Cabbage Spring Road from Gillis Falls Road to Route 27.

Paving: Sun Valley subdivision, all streets.

Inlet work: Harrington subdivision, Chandler Drive, Barnes Avenue and Owings Road.

Inlet work and pavement reclaiming: Peppermint Park subdivision, Peppermint Lane, Garden Mint Court, Mint Terrace.