Smart, sexy and striped

Sweaters come and sweaters go. But are your fall sweaters hip and happening and here and now and all of that? Here are some tips on what's tops in knit tops this fall from The Ralsey Group, makers of the Rocket 898 line of clothing for juniors.

* Fit to be tied. Don't waste your time tying on a scarf coordinated to your sweater. Instead, wear a sweater (left, $68) that has a scarf tie already attached. It's fun and practical when the weather turns chilly.


* She's a maniac. Remember Flash-dance? What about Fame? Those tight sexy sweaters those girl dancers wore are going to live forever this fall in styles like this open-backed sweater (above, $58). The look is sexy and stylish, and only for the bold.

* Stripe it up. Loud, broad stripes give a playful look to sweaters. Wear your striped sweater (right, $59) with jeans on the weekends and be reminded of the play clothes you had as a kid.


Rocket 898 sweaters are available at department stores nationwide.

After summer, Awake

The summer sun has probably taken its toll on your face. If your skin feels dry and alligator-esque, what you need is a face wash to remove impurities, rehydrate your skin and get it glowing again.

Awake Deep Purity Cream Cleanse has the texture of a nice souffle and contains Vitamin E to clean skin of makeup residue. The cream, which is appropriate for all skin types, also contains comfrey extract to soften and smooth skin. Just apply a quarter-sized dollop to palms and gently massage face in a circular motion. Rinse or tissue off. $32 for 4.2 ounces.

Or, if your tired-looking, combination or oily skin needs a wake-up call, Awake's Deep Purity Gel Cream Wash could be just the thing. The lightweight foaming cleanser is formulated with papaya and prune extracts to foster cell renewal and soften skin. Apply a dime-sized amount to wet hands and work into a lather. Massage all over face and rinse well. $30 for 4.2 ounces.

Awake Deep Purity Cream Wash and Cleanse are both available at

Time to get tropical

Paper umbrella drink season is officially over. But you can still take a little tiki with you this fall with Gucci's very cool bamboo watch.


Each bangle is crafted from a single bamboo rush, carefully selected for correct length and diameter. The polished stainless-steel case houses a Swiss-made quartz movement.

The watch is available with a black or taupe dial and with a band of bamboo, stainless steel or leather for $695 at

Little dab will stop the tears

When your toddler takes a tumble, a kiss will usually do. But for cuts and scrapes that need more than a mother's love, the Davies Babies Boo Boo Stick will help.

We know, we know. The name is silly. But the stick, which contains aloe vera, a natural anesthetic with antibacterial healing properties, and tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic, helps reduce pain, redness and swelling. The one-handed twist stick is also convenient, especially since Moms and Dads never seem to have enough hands.

The Davies Babies Boo Boo Stick by Davies Gate costs $10 for .5 ounce and is available at For information or for a store near you, call 888-398-9887.