Ranking the quarterbacks

The Sun's ranking of this year's Week 1 starters:

1. RichGannon, Raiders Prolific passer on prolific offense


2. Brett Favre, Packers Still the most inspirational

3. Donovan McNabb, Eagles Primed to take the next step


4. Steve McNair, Titans Worse he's hurt, better he plays

5. Peyton Manning, Colts Has something to prove this year

6. Tom Brady, Patriots Can carry the offense

7. Kurt Warner, Rams The key is staying healthy

8. Jeff Garcia, 49ers Back injury poses a major threat

9. Brad Johnson, Bucs Manages the game well

10. Kerry Collins, Giants Experience, talent have meshed

11. Daunte Culpepper, Vikings Has to eliminate turnovers


12. Drew Bledsoe, Bills Slumped badly down stretch

13. Trent Green, Chiefs Strong bounce-back season in '02

14. David Carr, Texans Needs better pass protection

15. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks Finished '02 with a bang

16. Aaron Brooks, Saints Doesn't exert enough leadership

17. Tommy Maddox, Steelers Even Steelers aren't sure about him


18. Kelly Holcomb, Browns Overtook former No. 1 Tim Couch

19. Joey Harrington, Lions Should blossom under Steve Mariucci

20. Drew Brees, Chargers David Boston will make a difference

21. Jay Fiedler, Dolphins Ivy League overachiever

22. Rodney Peete, Panthers Gets by with savvy and smarts

23. Kordell Stewart, Bears Encouraged to use his running skills


24. Jake Plummer, Broncos Must break his bad habits

25. Mark Brunell, Jaguars Lacks mobility that made him special

26. Vinny Testaverde, Jets Turns 40 in November

27. Patrick Ramsey, Redskins Strong arm, just needs more reps

28. Kyle Boller, Ravens First of the rookie QBs to start

29. Quincy Carter, Cowboys Must weather Bill Parcells' bluster 30. Jeff Blake, Cardinals Won't have an established receiver


31. Jon Kitna, Bengals Warming the seat for Carson Palmer

32. Doug Johnson, Falcons Replacing Michael Vick won't be easy