Rahman-Tua bout for WBA crown could happen as early as Dec. 13


A third fight between Baltimore heavyweight Hasim Rahman and David Tua, this one for the World Boxing Association crown held at the moment by Roy Jones, could take place as early as Dec. 13 at a site to be determined, Rahman's co-manager, Steve Nelson, said yesterday.

With Jones planning to move down to light heavyweight for a Nov. 8 bout against Antonio Tarver, the WBA has ordered a purse bid for a Rahman-Tua bout to be held on Sept. 5 in Miami.

Don King and Cedric Kushner, promoters of Rahman and Tua, respectively, can pre-empt the purse bid by striking a deal before next Friday.

"If they can work out a deal together before the purse bid, they'll come to the fighters with it," Nelson said. "[But] if a deal is not worked out before the purse bid, WBA rules demand the promoter who wins the bid must put the fight together within 90 days. This fight is not far off, perhaps this year."

According to a report in the New Zealand Herald, Jones had 180 days to defend the title he won from John Ruiz. Jones' deadline is Monday.

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