Shredding machine boasts a big appetite


My mother has destroyed her share of shredders by forcing them to devour too much paper at once, or staples. Meanwhile, my wife is terribly concerned about identity theft. This means that the technology maven in the family is always on the lookout for nearly indestructible shredders.

The MD100 Media Destroyer ($130) comes close. Made by Royal Consumer Information Products Inc., the Media Destroyer has been designed to not only take out envelopes with two or three sheets of folded paper but also eat and shred compact discs and 3-inch diskettes - metal and all - for those who want to say goodbye to sensitive information on computer media.

My first kill with the Media Destroyer was my best. A check card from my previous bank needed to be chopped up. I hate taking a pair of scissors and trying to power through the plastic, which ruins the scissors for the paper I need to cut from time to time. The Media Destroyer didn't balk at that card and left it in such small pieces that even the best flimflam man wouldn't be able to see it. Rollers inside the device help to press down any raised letters and numbers on the cards, thus removing all traces of what might be readable on the shredded plastic.

The Media Destroyer performs well, whether you're feeding it a check card or folded sheets of paper. I would have liked for it to have a full 8-inch slot so that I could drop a sheet of paper through the shredding teeth without having to fold it.

I had another minor problem. Paper seemed to get caught in the shredding teeth, requiring me to take out the waste catcher and pull excess paper from under the machine. It never stopped working because of the paper stuck in the teeth, but I found it hard to remove the waste catcher when paper was hanging from the teeth.

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