Police probe whether car in lake had more passengers

Investigators are speculating that there may have been multiple passengers in the Chrysler LeBaron that apparently went airborne before it landed in Lake Ashburton two months ago.

Baltimore police say an examination of the body of the youth found in the back seat, Demetrius Alexander Georgy, 15, of Baltimore, suggests he was not the driver.


"There was severe damage to the steering wheel and the steering column, which would indicate that the driver hit it pretty hard," said Officer Robert Leepa of the accident unit. "The person that we found in the car did not have any kind of damage to either of his arms."

But investigators need more witnesses to come forward before reaching any conclusions about the driver, said Kevin Hagan, a homicide detective and the case's lead investigator.


One man who works in the neighborhood saw the body as it was removed June 9, and said it did not appear to have been in the front seat at the time of the accident.

"The body was crouched as if he were sitting in the back seat," said William A. Dorsey, an attorney whose office is at Hilton Street and Liberty Heights Avenue.

How - and exactly when - the car landed in the reservoir remains a mystery. It appeared to have been speeding the wrong way down Springdale Avenue, a one-way street, toward the lake when it crossed Hilton Street and traveled airborne into the fence-encircled reservoir, police said.

"In order for him to have cleared the fence, he would have been going between 97 and 102 mph," Leepa said. "There wasn't any kind of debris or scratching on the fence."

Leepa based the calculations on the distance between Hilton Street and where the car was submerged, roughly 150 feet.

Residents of Springdale Avenue say drivers often speed or go the wrong way on their quiet residential street.

"They go through here just like they own a highway somewhere," said Lorraine Harp, 80. "One day, I was getting in my car, and I really had to move it."