Shots kill mother and injure child, 2

Police were searching yesterday for a suspect and motive in an early-morning shooting in West Baltimore that left a young mother of two dead and her 2-year-old daughter wounded.

Police said one or more assailants fired "multiple shots" through the living room window of a duplex in the 2200 block of Lyndhurst Ave., killing Sherina Greenwood, 21, and wounding her daughter, Skyy.


Det. Sgt. Darryl Massey said the killer appeared to have targeted Greenwood. But he said that police have not determined a possible motive or identified suspects in the attack.

"We are currently asking the community to assist us with information," Massey said.


The incident occurred about 2:45 a.m., Massey said, when several shots were fired from outside the duplex into the living room. The shattered window could be seen yesterday from the yard of a house next door.

A police officer who was on patrol in the neighborhood heard the shots, Massey said, and spotted two people who police later determined might know something about the shooting. He said police want to locate and talk to the pair.

About a half-dozen people were staying in the home, which is owned by Greenwood's elder sister, Massey said. He said Greenwood and her daughter were the only ones in the living room at the time of the shooting.

Greenwood's daughter suffered gunshot wounds to the hand and foot and was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital for treatment, according to a police spokesman.

Relatives who said they were on the way to the hospital stopped by the house on Lyndhurst yesterday morning and comforted each other as police held a news conference nearby about the shooting.

"We're devastated because it was senseless," said Greenwood's aunt, Sandra Oglesby of Park Heights. "She was sleeping. It didn't make sense for someone to come and shoot her like that."

Oglesby said she knew of no reason why someone would want to kill her niece, whom she described as "a good mother" and a sweet person.

"Something's got to be done," Oglesby said. "People are dying. ... The way the world is going, people don't have no respect for other people's lives."


Oglesby said her niece had gone to nursing school and that a call had come to the house yesterday, just hours after the shooting, recalling her to a job where she had been laid off.

Dennis Barnes, who lives in a separate duplex next door to Greenwood's, said the sound of the gunshots awakened him.

"Six shots went off," Barnes said. "By the time I could get up and respond, I saw that the police were right there."