Women's ultimate hair wishes

Some 35 percent of American women would rather have great hair than great sex for life, according to a recent survey commissioned by hair expert Charles Worthington. Other findings from the telephone survey of 500 women in Chicago, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco and Tampa include:

* Bad hair days can equal bad days in general. Some 22 percent of women experiencing a bad hair day went on to fight with their husbands / boyfriends, 21 percent donned distracting fashion accessories and 18 percent refused to even leave the house.


* Thirty-five percent of women surveyed said their ultimate hair wish was to have more volume and bounce. Some 25 percent wanted hair undamaged by the elements and frizz-free.

* American women's biggest hair complaint was damage and dryness (38 percent) followed by frizz (31 percent).


Curls may be big for nighttime hair in Tampa, Phoenix and Chicago, but in New York, sleek is the hot evening look.

Charles Worthington recommends his Results Superconditioner to nourish dry hair and Results Hair Healer to tame frizz. His Results and Big Hair products are available at drug stores nationwide and cost about $6 each.

This little piggy looked so fine

We know, we know. Flip-flops, slides, thongs and all things sandal are the shoes of summer. But how can you give the tired summer look a lift? Hue has some suggestions:

* Don't go barefoot at the pool. Instead, don a pair of beaded foot straps or foot thongs (left, $5) and celebrate your toes.

* Remember leg warmers? Now add the same splash of color to your feet with Hue's Foot Tubes (right) -- toeless, heel-less socks that dress up your feet and lead onlookers to question, "What the heck are you wearing?" $5 for two pairs.

* Don't risk blisters by going sockless. Hue's Toe Covers and Tip Toes cover the appropriate blister-prone places while maintaining that chic, sockless look.

Hue products are available at Bloomingdale's and Macy's.


Ringing the wrist

What's more fun than wristfuls of wire bangles?

Alex and Ani's Expandable Wire Bangles that expand to fit almost anyone. And they come in a wide variety of styles, from pink gold, yellow gold and silver to bangles embellished with birthstones, initials, beads, shells and even Swarovski crystals.

Alex and Ani bangles cost $58 for a set of four beaded and eight plain bangles, $58 for a set of three Swarovski crystal bangles or $38 for 10 unadorned bangles. The jewelry is available at Henri Bendel stores or at

Tattoos to go

Bikini season has revealed to us that just about everyone at the pool -- from three-time moms to their hip nannies -- has a tattoo.


Inkless and feeling left out? Tinsley Transfers Tri-bal Collection can have you looking cool at the pool in a second. The collection of temporary tattoos was created by Hollywood makeup artist Christien Tinsley, who also designed tattoos for such films as XXX, Swordfish and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. It features such "in" designs as Celtic knots, the yin-yang symbol and cool dragons.

All this for just $3.99 each. And when you grow tired of your tattoo, take it off. Tinsley Transfers are available at both www. and