Excess fat now associated with more cancers

Is it true that fat increases the risk of ovarian cancer?

Yes. A recent study by the American Cancer Society has added ovarian, cervical, pancreatic and liver cancers to the growing list of those cancers with risk associated from excess weight -- fat gain.


Breast, colon and uterine tumors had already been linked with fat cells. Overall, the cancer society attributes about 20 percent of cancer deaths in women to excess weight. For more information on this study and cancer prevention, visit the American Cancer Society Web site,

I want to slim and tone my backside. What exercises should I try?


To sculpt those glutes, strengthening exercises and cardiovascular activity are equally important.

Ali True of the Downtown Athletic Club recommends standing lunges, walking lunges and wall squats to firm the area. (When doing these, the thigh should always form a right angle with the shin, and make sure you can see your foot.)

Overall, says True, the best way to lean out the legs is to walk on the treadmill at a steep incline and comfortable speed. If you walk so fast that you have to hold on, she warns, you can lose up to 70 percent of the benefit of the machine.

When it comes to the backside, your individual shape dictates which exercises are best (some figures need filling out, others slimming down or lifting). So if these basic exercises aren't doing it for you, head to a trainer for a personalized workout. We know you hate to hear it, but diet is also key to keeping those curves toned.

Because of achy joints, swimming is my only source of exercise. How do I find a place to swim laps when I'm traveling this summer?

It's hard to keep up hometown exercise and diet habits when you're on the move. For a list of public pools where you can lap swim, go to It's also chock-full of useful information like daily hours, cost and directions. So pack your suit, and upon arrival, you'll be ready to dive right in.