Letters to the editor


Thanks for article on Mann House

Thank you for your wonderful article on Mann House [Aug. 3]. I write only as its past president and to give some credit where it is due.

The house was for sale by the O'Neil family (to whom Harford County owes so much) while Mann House functioned within its walls. It was not unusual for prospective buyers to be shown through, which was disturbing to the residents. At one point, some 12 of our then 14 beds were under 18 years, and during their stay I took in a number at John Carroll as students where I was principal.

I decided to try to persuade the county to buy the house and rent it back to Mann House for a dollar a year.

Thanks to the then County Executive Charles Anderson and the affirmative vote of the Board of Public Works, this all came to pass.

While I am no longer associated with the Mann House, I still thank the late Kay Tanzola, the late Judge Albert Close, the former directors and all who have made Mann House what your piece describes today.

The Rev. Charles K. Riepe


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