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Chris Brown

Position: Linebacker


College: Hawaii

Who he is: Signed by the Ravens in May as a rookie free agent, Brown was second on the Rainbows with 86 tackles in 2002, when he garnered first-team All-Western Athletic Conference honors for the second straight year. He switched from defensive end to middle linebacker as a junior and immediately picked up the new position, averaging 10.3 tackles. A Honolulu native, the 5-foot-11 Brown is related to retired Yokozuna sumo wrestler Chad Rowan, also known as Akebono.


The change from Hawaii to Maryland: "I'm used to coconut trees, the ocean and nice, beautiful weather. Coming over here to cornfields and a whole new lifestyle, I'm just looking to see the ocean."

On growing up in Hawaii: "I grew up doing all the island stuff, spent half my life in the water -- fishing, swimming, surfing, diving, then all the things in the mountains. I'm used to eating fruit and living off the land."

On having a Hall of Fame linebacker as a coach: "It's an honor for me; I'm just totally blown away. Coach [Mike] Singletary knows exactly what he's doing ... so if he tells me to do something, I'm gonna do it."

On facing Michael Vick: "I can't believe I'm going to see him across the line. ... It's going to be something that I'll always remember."