Look for reviews of this week's new films

Look for reviews of this week's new films in the Today section.



This film follows a handful of hopeful teen-age musical-comedy performers through a summer of heartbreak and triumph at Camp Ovation; the cast includes local talents Joanna Chilcoat and Tiffany Taylor. PG-13. Charles exclusive.

Dirty Pretty Things


Audrey Tautou is showcased as a Turkish chambermaid in a West London hotel that turns out to be the center of a horrifying crime. R. Rotunda exclusive.

Freddy vs. Jason

The virtuoso slashers of the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th horror franchises are pitted against each other. R.


A trio of high school skateboarders spend the weeks after graduation traveling from Chicago to Santa Monica and trying to turn pro. PG-13.

Le Divorce

Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts star as American sisters navigating French manners and mores in the boudoirs and boulevards of the City of Light. PG-13. Charles exclusive.

Open Range


Kevin Costner returns to the Western: He both directs this tale of free-grazing cattlemen running up against a tyrannical rancher and teams up with Robert Duvall as they play a pair of rugged, independent cowboy heroes. R. Area theaters.

The Secret Lives of Dentists

This film offers an equally comic and dramatic look at a marriage in crisis, with Campbell Scott and Hope Davis as husband-and-wife dentists and Denis Leary as a patient who becomes Scott's Neanderthal alter ego. R.

Uptown Girls

Britanny Murphy stars as the daughter of a dead rock and roll king; swindled out of her inheritance, she becomes the nanny for a precocious child (Dakota Fanning). PG-13.