Disabled list


American League

(15-day disabled list unless noted. Through Thursday.)


Erik Bedard, lhp, 60-day, March 28; Scott Erickson, rhp, 60-day, March 28; Albert Belle, of, 60-day, March 28; Marty Cordova, of, 60-day, April 23; Jerry Hairston, 2b, 60-day, May 21; Kurt Ainsworth, rhp, May 31; Willis Roberts, rhp, 60-day, June 29; Omar Daal, lhp, June 28; B.J. Surhoff, of, July 25; David Segui, 1b, July 26; Melvin Mora, of, Aug. 1.


Matt Wise, rhp, 60-day, March 18; Brad Fullmer, 1b, June 27; Troy Glaus, 3b, July 22.


Robert Person, rhp, June 8; Brandon Lyon, rhp, July 24; Jeremy Giambi, 1B, Aug. 2; Ramiro Mendoza, rhp, Aug. 3.




Bob Wickman, rhp, 60-day, March 29; Mark Wohlers, rhp, 60-day, March 29; David Elder, rhp, 60-day, May 12; Jason Bere, rhp, 60-day, May 28; Ellis Burks, dh, 60-day, June 8; Omar Vizquel, ss, June 12; Matt Lawton, of, July 12; Ricky Gutierrez, ss, July 13.


Dean Palmer, inf, 60-day, May 10; A.J. Hinch, c, Aug. 6.

Kansas City

Miguel Asencio, rhp, 60-day, May 16; Mendy Lopez, ss, June 15; Michael Sweeney, 1b, June 21; Jose Lima, rhp, Aug. 2; Michael Tucker, of, Aug. 5; Kyle Snyder, rhp, Aug. 6.


Eric Milton, lhp, 60-day, March 13; Mike Fetters, rhp, 60-day, April 27; Jon Ford, of, July 14.

New York

Steve Karsay, rhp, 60-day, March 21; Jon Lieber, rhp, 60-day, March 21; Jose Contreras, rhp, June 7; Gabe White, lhp, June 21.


Micah Bowie, lhp, May 23; Jermaine Dye, of, July 7; Jim Mecir, rhp, July 24.


Kazuhiro Sasaki, rhp, June 11; Greg Colbrunn, inf, July 3; Jeff Cirillo, 3b, July 24; Carlos Guillen, ss, July 29.

Tampa Bay

Rey Ordonez, ss, May 9; Seth McClung, rhp, 60-day, May 23; Ben Grieve, 60-day, of, July 18; Terry Shumpert, 2B, July 31.


Rusty Greer, of, 60-day, March 21; Jeff Zimmerman, rhp, 60-day, March 21; Herbert Perry, 60-day, 3b, May 29; Chan Ho Park, rhp, June 8; Ricardo Rodriguez, rhp, July 2; Kevin Mench, of, July 9; Juan Gonzalez, of, July 20; Ismael Valdes, rhp, July 24.


Bob File, rhp, 60-day, March 21; Doug Creek, lhp, 60-day, May 17; Pete Walker, rhp, June 4.

National League


Michael Koplove, rhp, June 19; Mark Grace, 1b, Aug. 6.


Paul Byrd, rhp, 60-day, March 21; Trey Hodges, rhp, July 27; Darren Holmes, rhp, Aug. 6.


William Ohman, 60-day, lhp, March 28; Scott Chiasson, rhp, 60-day, March 29; Corey Patterson, 60-day, of, July 7; Tom Goodwin, of, July 23; Mark Grudzielanek, 2B, Aug. 3.


Luke Prokopec, rhp, 60-day, Feb. 24; Austin Kearns, of, July 9; Ken Griffey Jr., of, 60-day, July 18; Ryan Dempster, rhp, July 29; Jimmy Haynes, rhp, Aug 4; Jose Acevedo, rhp, Aug. 7.


Chris Richard, inf-of, 60-day, May 1; Nelson Cruz, rhp, July 10; Denny Neagle, 60-day, lhp, July 21; Mark Bellhorn, inf, Aug. 1.


A.J. Burnett, rhp, 60-day, April 26; Toby Borland, rhp, 60-day, May 15; Tim Spooneybarger, rhp, June 12; Kevin Olsen, rhp, June 28.


Carlos Hernandez, lhp, March 29; Brian Moehler, rhp, 60-day, April 17; Jose Vizcaino, ss, June 25; Rodrigo Rosario, rhp, June 28; Roy Oswalt, rhp, July 30.

Los Angeles

Derek Thompson, lhp, 60-day, March 29; Todd Hundley, c, 60-day, May 3; Troy Brohawn, lhp, 60-day, May 13; Darren Dreifort, rhp, 60-day, May 29; Brian Jordan, of, 60-day, June 25; Fred McGriff, 1b, July 5; Kazuhisa Ishii, lhp, July 30.


Nick Neugebauer, rhp, March 28; Todd Ritchie, rhp, April 25; Jayson Durocher, rhp, June 14; Ruben Quevedo, rhp, June 27; Matthew Ford, lhp, July 21; Glendon Rusch, lhp, July 29; Wes Helms, 3b, Aug. 6.


Orlando Hernandez, rhp, 60-day, March 21; Tony Armas, rhp, 60-day, April 21; Fernando Tatis, ss, June 16; Daniel Smith, rhp, June 26; Scott Stewart, lhp, July 10; Michael Barrett, c, July 27.

New York

Mo Vaughn, 1b, 60-day, May 3; Scott Strickland, 60-day, rhp, May 11; Mike Piazza, c, May 17; Pedro Astacio, 60-day, rhp, May 29.


David Coggin, rhp, March 21; David Bell, 3b, July 11.


Pat Meares, ss, 60-day, Feb. 21; Pokey Reese, 2b, 60-day, May 14; Kris Benson, rhp, July 18.

St. Louis

Chris Carpenter, rhp, 60-day, March 27; Gene Stechschulte, rhp, 60-day, March 27; Russ Springer, rhp, 60-day, May 1; Eli Marrero, c, May 12; Fernando Vina, 2b, May 26; Joe Girardi, c, June 30; Enrique Calero, rhp, 60-day, June 29; Matt Morris, rhp, July 22; Lance Painter, lhp, July 28.

San Diego

Trevor Hoffman, rhp, 60-day, March 25; Keith Lockhart, inf, June 30.

San Francisco

Robb Nen, rhp, 60-day, March 30; Marvin Benard, of, June 16; Alberto Castillo, c, July 28; Chad Zerbe; lhp, July 25; Kirk Rueter, lhp, July 26; Rich Aurilia, ss, Aug. 4.

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