Brown's matchup is personal

Ordinarily, Ravens linebacker Cornell Brown has much to say to anyone within earshot when he is on the field.

But when he sees his brother Ruben in tonight's preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills, Brown doubts he will have a whole lot to talk about.


"We'll keep it clean," Brown said. "He outweighs me by 100-something pounds so I've got to watch my mouth."

Ruben Brown is a seven-time Pro Bowl left guard with the Bills and a former first-round draft pick out of Pittsburgh. Cornell Brown will start at outside linebacker, so far holding off the charge of first-round pick Terrell Suggs.


This will be the second time the Browns have faced each other in the preseason. The Bills beat the Ravens, 31-28, in Baltimore in 1997, and the teams played during the regular season in 1999.

"Last time, we lost to them and he didn't even play," Cornell Brown said. "It was a tough one."

Indeed it was. That game was on Halloween, and then-Bills quarterback Doug Flutie led his team on a game-winning drive in the fourth quarter to secure the 13-10 victory in Baltimore in coach Brian Billick's first year.

Ruben Brown missed the game with a hamstring injury and hasn't missed one since. He will probably play a couple of series tonight, with Cornell Brown likely going most of the first quarter.

"It's always a little awkward, but we've done it before and look forward to it," Brown said. "It's been about four years, so it's going to be a big challenge for us."

One more practice

The Ravens had their final practice yesterday before today's game at M&T; Bank Stadium. It was closed to the public, and the team will resume open practice Monday morning in Westminster.

"I wanted to give them one more chance to find the shoes that they want to have," Billick said. "And I wanted to condense the day more. We normally have two practices, but we got it all done with one. And even if it's sitting on a bus, I know where they are at."


Suggs has it rough

Though yesterday's practice was a simple walkthrough, it was a rough day nonetheless for Suggs.

He again played without his No. 55 jersey, which was likely taken by one of his teammates. Suggs also had to come out midway through the practice after pieces of grounded tire bits from the field got in his eye.

"I got a little bit of it in," Suggs said. "I was rushing and it was on one of the guy's gloves and got into my eye. It got out though.

"[The field] is still good just as long as you close your eyes."

Team Noel on way


Quarterback Grant Noel has his family and friends from his hometown of Ridgely, W.Va., about two hours west of Baltimore, coming to tonight's game.

Noel can only hope he gets in the final series of two behind Chris Redman, Anthony Wright and Kyle Boller.

"I know they are competing for the No. 1 spot, but I have to be ready if they throw me in there and I can get a few reps," Noel said.

Scott keeping busy

Linebacker Bart Scott is fast becoming indispensable.

Scott filled in for starter Ed Hartwell in practice earlier this week, has an increased workload with the second team now that Bernardo Harris is out for a while. Scott will also play some as the dime back tonight.


Scott practiced there Thursday and was the dime back on occasions last season, mostly when the Ravens anticipated a third-down run.

"I do have experience at the position in college," Scott said. "It's a little different. I have to be a lot more conscious of the pass. In the box, depending on the situation, I'll jam the smaller receivers or slower tight ends, having some secondary technique with linebacker power."