City police officer injures armed man after witnessing shooting, officials say

A city police officer investigating a hit-and-run accident in Northwest Baltimore early yesterday shot and wounded a man accused of aiming a gun at him after shooting another man nearby, police said.

Northwestern District Officer Gregory Muffmacher was getting information on several damaged parked cars in the 5000 block of Beaufort Ave. about 2:30 a.m. when he heard several people arguing a half-block away, said Agent Donny Moses, a police spokesman.


On hearing a shot, Muffmacher drove up the street and saw two men grappling over a gun, Moses said.

One man shot the other, and the injured man ran off, Moses said. Muffmacher told the man holding the gun to drop the weapon, but the man pointed it at the officer, Moses said.


Muffmacher fired a single shot, hitting Deon Bates, 25, a resident of Beaufort Avenue, in the shoulder, Moses said.

The shot broke Bates' collarbone, said his mother, Cheryl Bates-Lemon.

The two injured men were in stable condition at Sinai Hospital, police said.

Moses did not release the name of the other person involved. Muffmacher, a three-year veteran, will be assigned to administrative duties pending review of the incident.