Letters to the editor

2 landowners deserve fair market value

I sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. James Oliver and their plight over the three-acre oasis they have had for 35 years. ("In Howard, road turns rural oasis into a battlefield," The Sun, July 28, 2003.) It is valued at $382,000 by appraisers, according to James M. Irvin of the Department of Public Works. I would very much like a referral for those very same appraisers because I suspect our property taxes would reduce significantly with them on board.


If Mr. Irvin or Stewart J. Greenebaum possessed this property, they would be outraged by the circumstances.

As a county resident, I am. The county appears to be purchasing the three acres in order for Mr. Greenebaum to put a road through for his development. In turn, the developer is paying for acquiring the land. These people are aware that Mr. and Mrs. Oliver would never be able to replace their three acres of seclusion with that sum of money.


Mr. Greenebaum needs to come off of some of the green he will reap from the 1,116 homes and 1.2 million square feet of commercial space he is sitting on and give the Olivers a fair market value.

Mr. Irvin, you need to be replaced, promptly, hopefully before a jury awards the Olivers their just due.

Regina H. Delp

Ellicott City