Letters to the Editor

Let landowners exercise their rights

Response to letter by Thomas A. Krug, Union Bridge, ("Taxpayers don't owe bill for development,"), July 27, 2003.


Growth is a problem in Carroll County in a lot of places and it's the government's job to guide and control growth. Since when is it wrong for a person who owns land to develop it, especially after the county government has given its approval after reviewing the development for all the facilities in that area to be sufficient to endure the impact of the new building lots and has given its approval in writing? Also, no one is paying for the new roads, stormwater management, water and sewer, etc., except the person(s) developing the property.

Because we want to develop our land does not make us terrible people. We care about what goes on in our county and we also are responsible tax-paying citizens. There's no free train ride. Even the various county agencies have been paid substantial fees to review, process and inspect the work to be done. Then there is now the impact fee of over $7,000.


So I'd like to say to the person who says all landowners are greedy, money-hungry, irresponsible, selfish and self-serving vultures, please get your head out of the sand and take a better look at what is really happening in this county before you so unjustly criticize every landowner who does have the right to sell his land if he so chooses.

I urge the commissioners to take another look at the people caught in the freeze after receiving approvals from the county to proceed.

Bruce Wentworth