Editor's Choice


Building Bridges: Pope John Paul II and the Horizon of Life, by Lena Allen-Shore. Cathedral Foundation Press. 288 pages. $39.95.

A Jewish Pole who managed to survive the Nazi occupation, Lena Allen-Shore has written 13 books and an immensity of other work, most of it devoted to her vision of a world overflowing with peace and love. A professor in Philadelphia, she began a correspondence with John Paul II when he first became Pope in 1978, and continues it today. In 1996, she had a private audience with him, celebrating that correspondence and each other's works of poetry. Now, at the peak of her creative life, she has produced a moving book that traces her immense respect for John Paul -- but, more than that, her conviction that the earth for all its miseries is far fuller of good than of evil. This book, lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed and produced, contains 40 little essays related to that conviction. It is moving and enduring.

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