Top grades at the prom


Prom season may be two months away, but some promgoers have been thinking about the big night for months already. Just in case you haven't, here's a crash course in what's hot in prom wear this year, according to Seventeen's all-prom issue, TeenPROM magazine and YM Prom (all on newsstands right now.)

Dress style everyone is wearing: Strapless, tea length and with a full skirt. Think feminine and sexy but not cheap and flashy. It's Doris Day, Joanie Loves Chachi and tremendously classic.

Color of choice: Pink. Pink. PINK. Pale and pretty in satin, louder still in melon silk or glittery and knit in coral, pink is, well, the new pink.

Prom trend we're glad is over: Too-sexy, too-tight dresses that scream lounge act, not prom.

Purse item not to forget: Cool Mint Listerine PocketPaks Oral Care Strips are a bacteria-killing good time.

Prom night accessory you can wear to the after party: Take that fringed embroidered wrap and tie it around your low-waist jeans for the hottest look in casual wear.

Guys: Little things mean a lot

Tuxedoes may be classic affairs of white and black, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. After Six has added a fresh twist to its spring formalwear collection with tuxes that look modern and cool. The Matrix collection has a textured woven satin lapel in a geometric pattern that's echoed on the buttons and trim. Available in ivory and white (far right), the look is sophisticated and vaguely Edwardian.

And the company's Fashion Styles line has the Celebration tux (right). It's a European look with a stand-up black satin collar, notch lapel edged in satin and a three-button mid-length coat. Add a black and white slider tie, which looks like a conventional tie but is easier to put on.

After Six tuxedoes are available at many formalwear shops throughout Baltimore. Go to for a store near you.

Maintain the mood

Heading out to some all-night post-prom bash? After looking like a princess all night, it would be a mistake to change into sloppy sweats. Instead, keep that feminine look going with a pretty embroidered or print blouse paired with jeans. One blouse we love is the Kowloon Dream top by French Connection ($78, below).

Feel too fancy? Top it off with an Army-inspired jacket for that vintage look.

French Connection clothing is available at South Moon Under in the Shops at Kenilworth in Towson.

A kit to see you through

Those dark under-eye circles caused by studying for finals are an emergency that deserve immediate attention. Alchemy's Medic Emergency Eye Kit contains just what you need to make your eyes look fresh and pretty once again. The kit contains three items, packaged in an oh-so-cute white box with an eye chart on the lid:

* Medic Cucumber Shadow Fix -- A cucumber-enriched primer to smooth and soothe lids while ensuring that liner and shadow last all night.

* Medic Cucumber Clean-up Stick -- Erases mascara smudges and makeup mistakes with a flick of the wrist.

* Medic Brow Booster -- Control those unruly brows with this nonsticky formula, which contains soy.

The kit costs $42.50 and is available at

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