Preston has blinders about Terps' Blake

Sun columnist Mike Preston is the king of misinformation. He wrote in his March 22 column ["Forget seeds, Terps beat a quality opponent"], "The Terps will need a stronger effort from [Steve] Blake, who has continued to disappear in the postseason for the second straight year."

Preston's rebuke of Blake followed a performance against UNC-Wilmington in which the Terps' point guard shot 60 percent, contributed a game-high seven assists and committed zero turnovers.

He also hit two clutch three-pointers, including one with only 20 seconds left in the game to give his team a 72-71 lead.

Take off your blinders, Mr. Preston, and acknowledge that first-team all-ACC Steve Blake is one great player, especially when the chips are down.

Jeff Utermohle Timonium

Scholarship warrants All-Metro coverage, too

I am writing to comment on The Sun's Winter All-Metro high school sports special section that was published March 24. I noted about 58 pictures and biographies outlining the successes that made them and their parents justly proud.

But when will we see the All-Metro "Scholars" section in The Sun? The newspaper publishes many articles about improving education, but I have never seen The Sun applaud academic achievement the way it (and our culture) does sports.

I think kids who are criticized for being academic "geeks" could use the support and would appreciate the spotlight for once.

Who knows? Maybe, it will encourage more studying and less slam-dunk practice.

Geary Foertsch Lutherville

Coverage sinks for lack of Harford swim team

I was totally aghast when reading the All-Harford County winter sports teams in the March 23 edition of The Sun.

I was not upset with the representatives on the All-County basketball and wrestling teams, because I do not know enough about them to really have an opinion.

What I am upset about is that you left out one of the major winter sports in Harford County -- swimming.

I understand not having an All-Metro swim team because most counties in this region (and in the state of Maryland) do not have interscholastic swimming.

But in Harford County, we do. Swimming is quite big in Harford County, and since the Harford section of the Sunday sports section goes to the Harford County market, there should have been an All-County swim team.

If The Sun cannot get these regional sections right, maybe it shouldn't do them at all.

Eric Nelson Havre de Grace

Season-ticket holder questions O's response

As a longtime full season-ticket holder of the Orioles, I decided long and hard about renewing my tickets for this year.

What benefit did the Orioles give me as a full season-ticket holder? The answer: none.

They have continued to have below-average teams, wasted money on multiple-year contracts on over-the-hill, constantly broken-down players, had players who constantly ignored requests for autographs, put up fences to discourage autograph requests by youngsters, and had seat attendants acting like the Gestapo when kids tried to get in the front row for autographs of their favorite players.

I even sent Peter Angelos a letter telling him a fan's point of view on how to win back season-ticket holders, only to be ignored.

Joe Collins Reisterstown

Glad to see Surhoff back in Baltimore

I would like to welcome B.J. Surhoff back to the Orioles. Surhoff's attitude, determination, and lack of pretension is exactly what baseball currently lacks.

Surhoff gives 110 percent every time he steps onto the field and serves as an exceptional role model for the younger players in terms of his ability and approach to the game. He will play a crucial role this year.

Patrick J. Dieter New York

Like O's, Vecsey whiffs on Cust acquisition

So now The Sun's Laura Vecsey will be the latest apologist for the Orioles. Her article on the team's latest power-hitting sensation, who is bound to bring the fans back to Camden Yards in droves, Jack Cust, was brilliant.

Drop the big names like Ken Griffey and then give us Jack Cust.

Thanks, Peter Angelos. Thanks, Laura. Another year of mediocrity. What's new for Orioles baseball under the Angelos regime?

Dave Baraloto Parkville

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