Brackets update


Maybe we should have hired a bracket-picking monkey after all.

As the NCAA men's basketball tournament heads into the Sweet 16, the Today section's randomly filled-out bracket is not doing so hot.

In the opening round of 32 games, we went 12-20 with our picks, chosen out of a hat by a pair of slightly higher primates, college interns. In the second round of 16 games completed Sunday, our record was a spectacularly awful 3-13.

But what can you expect when the random selection process gives you Texas Southern in the Sweet 16, San Diego in the Elite 8, and IUPUI in the Final Four?!

Still, we can see a few bright spots: We've got three teams still in the hunt. And Notre Dame, which emerged from the hat as our national champ, is alive and playing well.

And though we have now lost Xavier, which the hat had going to the Final Four, we figure our picking the Musketeers had to have been a factor in Maryland's triumph Sunday.

Fear the Turtle - and the hat.

Now, how's your bracket doing?

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