Hussein to Iraqis: 'Strike them and strike evil'


Excerpt of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's speech on the war. The Arabic broadcast was translated by the Associated Press:

When they exhausted all pretexts and covers, the aggressors and occupiers came with their black faces showing evil canine teeth and exposing their true nature as we used to know them and their intentions. You know, brothers, that our policy is to avoid evil, but when evil comes to us wielding its perfidious and destructive weapons, then an attitude of glory and jihad should be adopted, an attitude that pleases them as well as God. Thus today you, great Iraqi men and noble women and our brave armed forces, adopt that attitude. A stand that pleases the friends and all the believers and angers the enemy and all disbelievers, a stand that will render you victorious, by God's will, against your enemies and inflict on them great loss. A clear and final victory after you trusted God and after the aggression and injustice were revealed for everybody and awakened those who were deceived by the enemies before and after the year 1991.

It is a near victory that God promises the patient faithful with. These are your days, you Iraqis are in line with what God has ordered you to do, to cut their throats and even their fingers. Strike them and strike evil so that evil will be defeated.

Those who are believers will be victorious. In these decisive days, the enemy tried not using missiles and fighter jets as they did before. This time, they sent their infantry troops. This time, they have come to invade and occupy your land. ...

The lesson that you are teaching the enemy will render him not only hesitant, but without the courage to again harm you, your nation or humanity. Strike him so that goodness and the good people feel happy with that, the evil will leave its den to die and let you sleep deeply with your parents, sister and children, assured with all the believers and good people. By this and with your jihad, you will tire the souls of the enemies. ...

The Iraqi mujahedeen, with all their names and merits, are inflicting serious damage on the enemy.

As time goes by, they will lose more and they will not be able to escape lightly from their predicament. We will make it as painful as we can. The enemy will sit still in the abyss of decay until he is suffocated, defeated and horrified, followed by curses and shame of defeat in front of the will of faith glorified by God, who wanted it to be a means on Earth to awaken those who ignored God and the people on his Earth. ...

I tell you all that whenever the enemies were defeated by your courageous ground forces, the enemy will increase shelling on you, so bear it because your stature with God is great and by God's will the harvest of your patience will be victory.

Long live Palestine, free and Arab, from the river to the sea.

Long live Iraq, the country of jihad and virtue, and long live Iraqis, symbol of jihad, glory, hope and humanity.

Salute to all those who stood in solidarity with our people in this honest battle and curse on the evils, the invaders, their supporters and those who advised them to do evil or who made them involve in it.

God is great. God is great.

Shame on the despicable.

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