Spring is on the air. Yes, you read that right. Spring-flavored shows and specials will be airing on Home & Garden Television all this week to welcome in the season. What's on? The new series Ground Rules! -- which pits neighbor against neighbor in a competition to make over their yards within eight hours and on a $1,000 budget -- makes its premiere Friday at 10 p.m. Another new series, Mission: Organization, beginning March 31 at 8:30 p.m., features a team of experts reorganizing and restoring order to chaotic and cluttered homes.

And the specials? Well, if you love to ogle the gargantuan fruit and vegetables at the state fair, you won't want to miss the show Garden Giants, on March 30 at 9 p.m. Your jaw might drop at the sight of a cabbage that could make coleslaw for a small army, or the pumpkin that's as heavy as a compact car, or the baseball-bat-sized zucchini. Other specials include Spring From Martha's Garden (today at 4 p.m.) and Room by Room for Spring (Saturday at 8 p.m.).

Also in the spring spirit is HGTV.com, with the launching of its new "Gardening Newsletter" and with its "Get Organized" section with links to dozens of projects with expert advice, tips and strategies. Also check HGTV.com for a complete schedule of the network's spring TV programs.

Power assist

Who says a power drill has to be big, heavy and clunky? Certainly not Igo Home Products, which has created three lightweight, small and manageable power tools: the Grip & Drive Powered Screw-driver (pictured, $9.99), the Grip & Zip Cordless Drill ($9.99) and the Mini Powered Screwdriver ($6.99). Powerful, affordable and easy-to-use, these products are recent additions to Igo's Kitchen Drawer Power Tools line.

The products -- all cordless (they run on AA or AAA batteries) and ergonomically correct -- are perfect for changing kitchen cabinet hardware, installing bookshelves, hanging curtains and repairing a broken appliance. And while they are designed to be stored in your kitchen, not your toolbox, the publicity materials say, the tools also can be "stored in a purse, tote bag or briefcase," although why one would be carrying around a cordless drill in one's purse remains a mystery.

The Igo products can be purchased at Office Depot, Radio-Shack, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Eckerd and online at www. igohomeproducts.com.

Picture this on your wall

Admit it. You've got a box stashed under your bed or in the back of your closet that's filled with pictures. Sure, you'd love to frame some of them or organize them in some way. But there just isn't time, and it'd be too much work. So there they sit.

Displaying your photos may not be as impossible as you think. The new book At Home With Pictures: Arranging & Dis-playing Photos, Artwork & Collectibles (Lark Books, 2003, $27.95) by Paige Gil-christ offers guidelines for photo arranging, matting and framing, hanging, grouping by theme or color and framing objects as art.

You'll learn how to fill up a blank wall without a huge piece of artwork; how to frame or mount clothing, keepsakes and trinkets of various sizes; how to build a photo-collage wall; when to use dark or light matting; and lots more.

The book is available at area bookstores and at Amazon.com.


* Stop by Deerfield Designs' open house event 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday and noon-4 p.m. March 30 and browse the decorative painted furniture -- including lamps, cabinets, dressers, mirrors and old mantels -- that is for sale. Deerfield Designs is at 3625 Cameron Court, Ellicott City. Free. Call 443-535-9000.

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