Legislative Digest


Senate OKs longer statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases

The Senate unanimously approved a bill yesterday to lengthen the statute of limitations for people who were sexually abused as children.

Currently, an abused child can file a civil lawsuit for three years after he or she turns 18. Under the new legislation, an abuse victim would have an additional four years -- the chance to sue until the age of 25.

Most civil cases carry a three-year statute of limitations. Criminal cases don't have a statute of limitations. No action has been taken on a similar bill in the House of Delegates.

House votes for walking as official state exercise

Hoping to encourage Marylanders to become more active, the House of Delegates approved a measure yesterday to make walking the state exercise.

The legislation passed the House with a vote of 113-20. If the bill becomes law, walking will expand the state's list of activities, but it will not replace jousting as the state sport.

Before it goes to the governor's desk, the legislation must win approval of the Senate, which has yet to consider the issue.

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