March 20


March 20

1727: Physicist, mathematician and astronomer Sir Isaac Newton died in London.

1852: Harriet Beecher Stowe's influential novel about slavery, Uncle Tom's Cabin, was first published.

1976: Kidnapped newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst was convicted of armed robbery for her part in a San Francisco bank holdup.

1987: The Food and Drug Administration approved the sale of AZT, a drug shown to prolong the lives of some AIDS patients.

1995: In Tokyo, 12 people were killed, more than 5,500 others sickened when packages containing the poisonous gas sarin leaked on five separate subway trains.

1993: Russian President Boris Yeltsin declared emergency rule, setting a referendum on whether the people trusted him or the hard-line Congress to govern.

2002: Arthur Andersen pleaded innocent to charges it had shredded documents and deleted computer files related to Enron.

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