Missing witness in murder case is found; charges against brother could be refiled


The murder case against Tyrone Beane, once called the city's "most wanted fugitive," may be revived because yesterday authorities located his sister, the key witness against him.

Tyiashia Beane, 19, could not be found last week for her brother's trial, prompting prosecutors to drop first-degree murder charges against him. It was the second murder charge prosecutors were forced to drop against Beane, 18, in two years.

Without Tyiashia Beane, prosecutors said they did not have a winnable case against Tyrone Beane, who had been charged with killing Taharka McCoy, 25, after a robbery in January 2002.

Sheriff's deputies found Tyiashia Beane early yesterday at a relative's house in East Baltimore, and arrested her on a witness warrant issued in January when she missed a court date in which she was supposed to testify against her brother.

Tyiashia Beane was released on $10,000 bail, said her lawyer, Warren A. Brown. He said his client was not avoiding testifying and had not been contacted. Prosecutors said they tried to reach her several times.

Prosecutors said they will decide soon whether to recharge Tyrone Beane. He is in jail and could receive up to 70 years in prison for a separate case: He was convicted in January of putting a gun to the head of a 15-year-old girl during a robbery; he pulled the trigger four times, but the gun failed to fire.

His sentencing in that case is scheduled for Friday.

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