Demure or daring? The choice is yours


How does designer Michael Kors see spring? Well, it's either ladylike and demure or sexy and '80s.

On the one hand, Kors showed a sleek navy matte jersey two-piece dress brightened with a white collar and belt (about $950 at Neiman Marcus online) and a crisp white skirt paired with a silver shell for warm weather. The look is classic, cool and always understated.

Or one can take a trip back to the '80s with his low-cut, lace-up black halter swimsuit ($295) or his strapless ecru and cinnamon mini-dress. After all, girls just want to have fun.

Michael Kors clothing and accessories are available at and

Whimsical sister

Natori lingerie is already known for its gorgeous design, fine fabrics and attention to detail. But have you heard about Josie, the company's less formal line?

Where Natori is lace, Josie is cotton. Where Natori uses cool, solid colors on their chemises, Josie is all about festive, whimsical prints and two-piece sets. Josie's spring line includes funky capri PJs decorated with strawberries and cherries ($58-$65), vases of roses and Hawaiian dancers. And for lingerie, we like the youthful freshness of Josie's white eyelet camisole ($42) and tap skirt ($32).

Natori and Josie lingerie and pajamas are available at Nordstrom.

A capital idea for men's skin

Guys, forget about fancy European skin-care treatments. An old favorite by the name of Maxwell's Apothecary has returned.

From its founding in Washington in 1911 until its closing in 1948, Maxwell's Apothecary made shave creams, balms and muscle rubs that were popular among politicians and international businessmen. Now the original formulas, blended with the latest ingredients, have been reintroduced.

Maxwell's Skin Saver facial cleanser ($22) is a gentle, foaming wash containing spearmint, lavender and Vitamin C that deep-cleans clogged pores, leaving a smooth, healthy complexion. And Maxwell's Eye Repair ($29) is a rich, soothing cream containing cucumber and green tea extract that is formulated to reduce dark circles and eliminate under-eye puffiness.

Maxwell's Apothecary products are available at or by calling Bigelow Chemists at 800-793-5433.

Ready to roll

Let's say you're going on vacation and your suitcase is filled to bursting, but you still need to pack something to wear to dinner. It's Dress in a Bag to the rescue.

Dress in a Bag is just like it sounds -- a wrinkle-resistant, washable rayon or rayon and Lycra blend dress cut in a simple tank or short-sleeved style that rolls up into a 6-inch bag. It was created by Maria Erickson, a busy mom and apparel company owner who fashioned the dress when she had no time to shop for her next business trip.

Dress in a Bag is available in 30 different materials and styles.

It is sized small (4-6) to extra large (16-18) and costs $50-$74. It is available at For information, call 866-443-7377.

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