Spinning, crunching, running, lifting, aquacizing, curling, kickboxing ... What's your fitness shtick? That's what we wondered about some local celebrities -- those who regularly are in the public eye whether in TV, radio, sports, business or politics.

We caught up with some and asked them about their fitness habits -- how they work out, what they try to eat, and what foods they can't resist, no matter the guilt.

Brian Billick

49, Ravens coach

Routine: "I do a combination of racquetball twice a week, and I lift three times a week."

Diet: "I try to have fruits, vegetables and lots of fish. I'll try to stick to salad and soups for lunch."

Vice: "Pastries in the morning."

Joyce Scott

54, visual artist

Routine: "Running after my mother." Her thoughts on pumping iron? "If lifting weights makes you thinner, why aren't I thinner from lifting this much weight?"

Diet: "My regimen is that I don't have one."

Vice: "Martinis. And really good chocolate."

Jennifer Gilbert

35, Fox 45 news anchor

Routine: "I work out with a personal trainer every day. I do a combination of cardio and weight lifting. I try to do some cardio every day and weight lifting every other day."

Diet: "I try to eat as healthy as possible. I'm trying to incorporate more protein in my diet. I try to have five or six small meals a day and some protein with every meal."

Vice: "Sweets. Thursdays are doughnut day at the newsroom."

Katie O'Malley

40, district court judge and wife of Baltimore's mayor

Routine: "I joined Lynne Brick's. I've been going two or three days a week after work." She does cardiovascular workouts, including running on the treadmill and work on the elliptical machine (which is like cross-country skiing). She also does spinning (bicycling in place) and loves it. "It's a real tough workout.

You really burn calories."

Diet: When she hit 40 about six months ago, she discovered she wasn't burning calories like she had in the past. Breakfast may be a piece of fruit (in between getting breakfast for her four children). Lunch may be a "salad with fat-free dressing and no meat. And lots of water." She makes tasty dinners for the kids, but she and her husband "have a lot of Lean Cuisine." "

Vice: Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream

Albert Kirchmayr

47, chocolatier

Routine: "I religiously go to the gym, five days a week. I do a normal routine. Nothing violent. Mainly cardio. I'll do a half-hour on the machines and then a little something for muscles. I'm not trying to look like Arnold.""

Diet: "I'm very boring. Every morning, I eat a cranberry muffin from Fresh Fields. And coffee." Lunch is yogurt and some chocolate. Other meals are often healthy and green. "I eat a lot of salad -- some of the vegetables I grow myself. I eat pasta. I eat fish." "

Vice: Chocolate-covered cherries and chocolate-covered hazelnuts

Carla Hayden

late 40s, director of the Enoch Pratt Library

Routine: "I walk. I try to do it first thing in the morning." She walks around her Cross Keys neighborhood for a half-hour to 45 minutes.

Diet: "I recently cut back on carbohydrates." She works hard at going the sensible, healthy route. Breakfast is often an egg-white omelet or English muffin, and lunch is a salad.

Vice: "Ice cream. I've been known to have five different flavors in my freezer."

Marc Steiner

56, WYPR radio talk-show host

Routine: "I work out two to four times a week at Meadowbrook on free weights and some of the machines. I start and end my workout on the Stairmaster or swim a few laps."

Diet: "Whatever I want to eat -- a lot of salad, steak, wild salmon, lamb chops, broccoli, asparagus, my own stews ... and always good wine."

Vice: "Cadbury's fruit and nut bars late at night."

Pat Moran

Casting director

Routine: "There's a time issue. So I moved a treadmill and a Vita-master skier, and, as I call it, a Twist-and-Shout machine to my job."

Diet: Breakfast is often oatmeal with fruit and lunch is a salad. When others around her are eating more interesting food, it's hard. "Given the type of exercise I do, I should be down to a nub."

Vice: "Any form of potato, no matter what it does, I want it."

Donna Crivello

50, chef and co-owner of Donna's Coffee Bars

Routine: "I love to run. I've been running for over 20 years." She also goes to the gym and does the treadmill, bicycle and weights on alternate days.

Diet: "In the morning, I usually have coffee, fruit and yogurt. Once I get to Donna's, I start a daylong series of tastings -- 'how's the soup, how's the tuna salad?' I taste a little bit of everything. That's my lunch." At another Donna's for the dinner hour, she finds herself tasting the dinner foods, as well. "I'll taste the sauces and the pasta." She has her real dinner around 9, when she gets home."

Vice: Bread and wine and "eating too much too late."

Madison Smartt Bell

45, author and Goucher professor

Routine: "One day Pilates, next day weights, next day Tai Chi, next day bicycling (weather permitting), next day push-hands or hard martial-art drill -- about 45 minutes a day five days a week."

Diet: "I use the French system, which says you can have all the confit de canard you want so long as you also have the red wine and prunes. Mustn't skip the prunes."

Vice: "Chocolate. This could be a problem. But if you also drink Calvados..."

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