From Agendas II By Jamaica Kincaid

Delta Command, Delta Command compressed in tense expectancy

'Tis the end of hope from mandatory axis armies targeting a world of

gung ho state uniforms; and the children are born without heads / oh where

oh where have the pension funds gone, oh where oh where can they be?

Down the tubes of war go Social Security, Health care, and Education;

disenfranchisement rules with collateral chaos and devastation; no water no food no living thing. ...

Let's roll! Televise comic lies about compassion and Napoleonic privilege.

Another page another year, the newly ravaged will not evolve nor ever

see a sun again even from below in bunkers, his speech jump-starts nothing /

other than evil visions and the children are born without heads and all the

rare and lovely birds of Afghanistan have gone missing since the last war

and the children are born without heads.

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