Thermometer makes fast, accurate work taking temps by ear

Remember when taking a squirming kid's temperature meant gooping lubricant onto a thermometer and putting it in the most unpleasant of places?

If anyone ever wonders, let me assure you that technology does bring us to better times and one of the really neat inventions of the recent past has been the infrared ear thermometer.

Healthometer, which makes a number of health-related gadgets (including blood pressure monitors for consumers), has introduced its Deluxe Ear Thermometer Model 7606 ($50).

The thermometer is powered by two AAA batteries (included) and comes with a small storage bag. It simply needs a clear view of the patient's ear drum to work.

The small unit's waterproof lens (at the tip of the conical probe that is inserted into the ear canal) does not require a probe cover, which according to the Healthometer folks means its more accurate and reliable that other ear thermometers.

You swab the conical probe with a little bit of alcohol, then press and hold the scan button on the outside while inserting the probe into the patient's ear. The user then releases the button and removes it from the ear to see the highest reading.

The thermometer takes a tenth of a second to read a temperature and has a large digital display. A fever alarm sounds if the temperature is high. Up to 10 readings can be saved in the memory if you want to chart a patient's temperature over time.

Information: 800-435-1250 or www.healthometer.com.

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