'Just for being a good friend'


The student: Hannah Brown, 12

School: Lime Kiln Middle

Special achievement: Hannah was named a "Student Helping Students" by the Arc of Howard County for assisting her best friend at school. "My friend ... has a disability. When her helper isn't there, I write notes, I carry books, I help her set up for lunch, I help her with her locker. I make sure she has everything she needs for her class, just normal things."

Why did she win an award? "I think I won the award just for being a good friend ... helping her out. She's my best friend - I have to help her. It's just something that would break me if I wouldn't help her."

What it was like to win: "I was excited when my guidance counselor told me. It was a big shock. It felt good to know that all the things I did for my best friend got me something. And then I realized that I was helping her just to help her, not to get the award. ... it felt special."

The two girls have known each other since third grade, when they were paired for a math class. They often write stories together and plan to enter a writing contest for young authors.

Other activities: Hannah is a Girl Scout and rides horses.

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