Former Steeler Stewart likes what he sees with the Ravens


Kordell Stewart is part of the Ravens' backup plan, but the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback let everyone know where the Ravens stand on his list.

After becoming a salary cap cut yesterday, Stewart was asked by a Pittsburgh reporter about his thoughts on the Ravens.

"Purple is my favorite color," he said.

The Ravens likely would have the upper hand in pursuing Stewart since they are the only AFC North team looking for a quarterback and would be the one team that would allow him to face his former team twice a year.

The Ravens, however, are courting Jeff Blake and had discussions with Blake's agent yesterday. A league source said the Ravens see no difference between Blake and Stewart, but they would prefer Blake since he has been in their system for a year.

But if negotiations would crawl or Blake would sign elsewhere, the source added that the Ravens likely would go after Stewart.

Stewart, 30, leaves the Steelers with the second-most passing yards in franchise history (13,328) and ranked 13th in rushing (2,561 yards).

Pittsburgh, which replaced Stewart with Tommy Maddox in Week 3 last season, cleared $6.3 million by cutting Stewart to get under the salary cap.

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