Game Boy's Daredevil hits in old-school style


An early note of warning: Don't come to the Daredevil game for the Game Boy Advance expecting the same kind of tricks and treats you see in the movie.

They aren't there. Don't come looking for the same kind of gaming adventures you'd find on your Xbox or PlayStation 2 - those aren't there either.

What this is, however, is a fairly decent old-school, platform-style superhero brawler. This used to be standard game fare for the old NES, Super NES and Genesis. If you expect more than that, you're definitely going to be disappointed.

But if you accept that fact, you're in for some no-brainer fun.

As Daredevil, you stalk city streets, dispatching thugs that pop up at random with a series of kicks, punches, and acrobatic maneuvers like leg sweeps and flying leaps. And then there's always that trusty stick of yours.

Graphically, this one is no great shakes, but it does have a certain old-school appeal. And there is one pretty cool feature that lets you use Daredevil's sonar to find hidden items and power-ups. Activate the sonar and the world goes black and white, allowing you to "see" secrets - at least until the meter drains and you have to wait for it to fill back up.

JON SAYS: I found this one interesting ... for about 15 minutes. If I wanted to play old-school games, my SNES wouldn't be in the closet.

Grade: C

CHIP SAYS: I, on the other hand, found it kind of diverting. I don't mind the old-school stuff. Sometimes it's a nice, uncomplicated break. And I dig the superhero angle - Daredevil remains fairly true to his roots.

Grade: B

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