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Midwest Express to offer additional flights to Milwaukee

Beginning March 3, Midwest Express Airlines will expand its flight schedule to three weekday nonstop departures to Milwaukee.

The new schedule, combined with the airlines' normal weekend service, will raise the total number of flights it offers at Baltimore-Washington International Airport to 19 each week. The airline offers the only nonstop service to Milwaukee.

Southwest program joins pilots and pupils

Southwest Airlines has unveiled this year's Adopt-A-Pilot Program, a four-week mentorship matching 15,000 students, ages 10 to 12, with Southwest pilots. The curriculum attempts to combine mentoring and academic subjects, such as math, science and history, to show how education plays a role in reaching personal goals.

Pilots volunteer their time in classrooms and send e-mail and postcards to students while on duty. Each class will use United States route maps to chart a pilot's course and record the daily flying statistics.

The classes also are encouraged to participate in the airline's new national contest, "What's Your Destination," in which the class must create a three-minute video showcasing the careers each student hopes to pursue. The winners will receive a roundtrip educational field trip to a nearby Southwest destination.

BWI has a contract for boarding bridges

Dewbridge Airport Systems has announced a contract with BWI to provide six Apron Drive Dewbridges for the airport's boarding bridge replacement program.

The bridges are the tunnels that extend from an airport boarding gate to an airplane. The bridges periodically are replaced for maintenance and improvement reasons.

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