At Pink Crab, brazen flamingos


Instead of seeing pink crabs in the window display at the Pink Crab in Ruxton, you'll see a couple of flamingos wearing pearls. It's just as well. The flamingos do an admirable job of hinting at the loud yet ladylike Lilly Pulitzer clothing and accessories you'll discover inside. And there's stuff for men and kids too.

Here preppy is a good thing and there are loads of pink and green to prove it, not to mention those wild Lilly prints fashioned into teeny tiny bathing suits for infants or bigger ones for dads. Other finds include embellished Dr. Scholls sandals by Kiss My Feet, Angela Moore jewelry and Bermuda bags.

The Pink Crab is a sister store to the Wilmington Country Store a few doors away. As Lilly Pulitzer, always hot with the Newport set, experienced resurgence in popularity over the last few years, the Wilmington Country store wanted to break out its Lilly into its own space, according to manager Katie Richwine. The Ruxton store opened in December. An Annapolis Pink Crab opened last May.

Prices for girls' dresses range from about $45 to $50, and women's dresses are about $150. The Pink Crab is at 1515 LaBelle Avenue in Ruxton (410-823-8544).

Your personal defense unit

Tired of that plethora of face creams and lotions lining your shelves? Elizabeth Arden's new First Defense Advanced Anti-Oxidant Cream combines a skin treatment, moisturizer and sunscreen into one product.

The anti-oxidants provide protection against environmental damage, the moisturizer keeps skin hydrated and the sunscreen helps protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Available as a cream or lotion for $47.50 for 1.7 ounces at Macy's and Hecht's.

Jean therapy

It is an eternal quest, one that has occupied men and women for years on end.

No, we're not talking about the Holy Grail, we're talking about the quest for the perfect pair of blue jeans.

Perhaps those jeans still haven't found you. At any rate, Alice Harris' book The Blue Jean (PowerHouse Books, 138 pages, $35) might be just the thing to hold you over until then.

Filled with 135 photos, Harris' book chronicles the ultimate American fashion statement from its humble beginnings as worker apparel in the 1800s to the preferred clothing of people like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Whether you call them dungarees, denims or jeans, you'll likely be captivated by this book.

Saturday Night Fever: It's back in a 2003 version

Wondering what's hot for spring? The word is out on sophisticated neutrals spiced up with stripes, eyelets or a little bit of suede. Some picks from Nordstrom include:

* Think of that famous suit from Saturday Night Fever, done in white stretch denim instead of polyester. The silhouette is updated with a shirt-style top and cargo pants. Studio 121 jacket, $148, and pants, $88.

* Soften the tailored white shirt with delicate eyelet details and then wear it loose or tuck it in. Caslon shirt, $48.

* Scared by the striped pants you wore back in the '70s? Face those fears with a pair of hip, narrow-legged, striped trousers. Caslon pants, $48.

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