Vecsey's commentary 'thoughtful, provocative'

I am writing in response to recent letters complaining about Laura Vecsey, which I don't understand. I think Ms. Vecsey is the best editorial sportswriter The Sun has had since Bob Maisel. Her writing is outstanding, thoughtful and provocative.

One of the complaints that seems to be repeated is that she doesn't write exclusively about Baltimore sports, frequently choosing national topics. I think this is great. There is a huge "wired" world outside of Baltimore that I want to know about.

I don't always agree with everything Ms. Vecsey writes, but she is an editorialist. She has her own opinions. I also don't always agree with the topics she chooses. However, when she does choose a topic I am interested in, I think she's great.

Barry Burns


O's signing of Surhoff hurts younger players

Sentimentality aside, why would the Orioles, with their glut of outfielders and designated hitters, sign B.J. Surhoff?

He is certainly not the power hitter they so badly need, and will take a roster spot from one of the team's young players and at-bats from others.

Players like Larry Bigbie and Chris Richard have nothing left to prove at the Triple-A level; they need an opportunity to develop as major-leaguers, just as Jerry Hairston did last season.

Unfortunately, it appears unlikely that they will get that opportunity here.

Mark Haas


Article, headline show McDonogh favoritism

The Sun's bias in favor of McDonogh School has been obvious, and the story on Feb. 9 just proves the point.

The headline reads "Off-target McDonogh left frustrated after 53-44 loss to Spalding." The headline and first two paragraphs give the impression that McDonogh's poor play had more to do with the loss than Archbishop Spalding playing well.

After reading the article, we -- the readers -- find out that Spalding has beaten McDonogh twice, is ranked higher and that Spalding's leading scorer was playing while sick.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this story was reserved for the last two paragraphs.

Spalding's defense shut down McDonogh in the fourth quarter.

Your headline should have read, "Defense lifts Spalding over McDonogh."

Insert the last two paragraphs in the beginning of the article and you have a fair, more representative account of the game.

I will be disappointed but not surprised to read a future headline of "McDonogh loses championship."

Robin E.A. Willard


Steinbrenner off mark in criticism of Jeter

I read on Friday (with some amusement) in your sports section that George Steinbrenner is concerned with Derek Jeter's penchant for partying ["Party animal tag undeserved, Jeter says"]. I believe Mr. Steinbrenner has become wiser in picking and choosing his fighting words.

I can't help but feel that the owner's comments were nothing more than motivational material aimed at Jeter and useless fodder for the New York rags to print. I cannot see any other reason why Steinbrenner would want to single out Jeter for his so-called late-night antics.

Jeter is a winner on and off the field. He is reminiscent of Cal Ripken Jr. in that he is a leader by example and prides himself in how he is perceived by the public.

The only difference is that Jeter has three more World Series rings than Ripken.

My advice to George: Leave well enough alone. If you want to see a real bona fide "party animal," we'll send you Sidney Ponson. Then you'll really have reason to criticize someone's off-field antics.

Patrick R. Lynch


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