Observations from the tent at Fashion Week 2003



Though the weather outside has been frightful, in the fashion week tent, you would never guess it.

Fashionistas are proving their mettle this week by refusing to let inches of snow get in the way of looking fabulous.

Stilettos and designer boots with killer heels remain omnipresent and sensible shoes have made just a few appearances.

Perhaps, however, there would be less slipping and sliding if people took cues from Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field.

She's been accessorizing her trademark hot pink, red and orange ensembles with a pair of chunky, powder blue rubber galoshes. "I love them because I hate boots on my feet," Field said. "I don't like the feeling of my ankles being trapped."


In the real world, it's all been about Bush and Saddam this past week. But at the fashion shows, the talk of war has centered around the dishy battle du jour - Donna vs. Ralph.

Just as the week began, Ralph Lauren made a rare last-minute switch, changing the date of his show from Thursday to Friday, when Donna Karan is showing. Women's Wear Daily reports that the Donna camp is furious because the two designers are using many of the same models. Karan was forced to push her show back half an hour so she'll have enough time to get the models ready.

People, can't we all just get along?

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