Dentist ran over her husband 3 times, final witnesses testify


HOUSTON - Prosecutors rested their murder case against dentist Clara Harris yesterday after two final witnesses testified that they saw her run over her husband three times with her Mercedes-Benz outside a hotel.

In contrast to the defense contention that orthodontist David Harris was run over only once, Oscar Torres and Chris Junco told jurors that the defendant circled to run over her husband repeatedly in the Nassau Bay Hilton parking lot.

Torres and Junco said they were playing tennis on separate courts near the hotel when they heard a commotion and witnessed the fatal incident.

"I heard vroom-vroom-screech-bam," Torres said, smashing his fist into his hand to demonstrate the impact of the car hitting the Lincoln Navigator owned by David Harris' mistress. "After impact, I saw the car and the dentist's body flying."

Jurors were sent home as preparations were made for closing arguments today.

Clara Harris, 45, is accused of deliberately running over her husband July 24 after finding him at the hotel with his mistress.

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