Designer Lloyd Klein attempted to add a touch of ballerina chic to his collection when he added criss-cross laceups to slender satin pants and stiletto heels. These, unfortunately, presented too much of a challenge for some of his models.

One dramatically stumbled when her spiked heel got caught in the calf of her laceup pants, while another almost became fashion roadkill when her shoe fell off as the next model rapidly came upon her. She tried for several (excruciatingly long) seconds to untie the laces that chained her leg to the shoe before giving up and hobbling off the runway.


In recent seasons, some fashion show attendees have enticed paparazzi to shoot their pictures by accessorizing their outfits with small dogs. At Saturday's Cloak show, stylist Ting Ting Lin showed up with her pet rabbit, Smoky, who mainly looked discombobulated and attempted to escape from her lap at least once.

What's next - reptiles?


Among the week's more pleasant surprises were the few women's pieces that menswear designer Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' showed at his Saturday show. The collection featured super-short hot pants and mini skirts with leather trains.

When asked backstage about his inspiration for the pieces, he said, grinning, "I wanted to make clothes that make love to a woman."

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