Westminster will request loan to boost water supply


The Westminster Common Council voted last night to pursue a $2.5 million state loan that would help the city tap an emergency water supply through a permanent underground pipeline.

The city would use the money to build a 5.5-mile emergency water main connection that would connect a quarry outside Westminster to a State Highway Administration swale on Wyntridst Drive off Route 97. More than a million gallons of water would be available during emergencies. The water at Medford Quarry is free through an agreement between the city and LaFarge Corp., the quarry's owner.

The loan would be granted by the Maryland Department of the Environment at a rate of 2.3 percent over 20 years. Construction could start as early as December and be finished by March, said council President Damian L. Halstad. Building a pipeline would relieve the city from paying for trucks to haul water .

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