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Crazy for Coach

Coach has canned its stodgy styling for modern shapes and accessories. Thanks to new talent behind the scenes, you can still find the expected Coach quality -- but with a twist. Our top picks from the fall line include:

* men's and women's trans-Atlantic sneakers in solid colors ($170 and $160)

* a braided leather necklace with sterling silver clasp ($118)

* leather corded bracelets with dog-leash-style clasps (below, $88, $98)

* keyfobs (bottom right, $24-34)

* "crusher" hats (right, $98-$138)

There are Coach stores at the Gallery at Harborplace and Towson Town Center. Or go to

Heavenly suds

Soap can surely be the road to heaven when you find the perfect one.

Check out our favorites:

* Portugal's Claus Porto makes oversized oval bars in tantalizing scents like honeysuckle, wild pansy, red poppy, verbena and mimosa (bottom right, $11 to 14). Visit

* Nars' big, white, milky block ($19) is strictly for purifying and deep cleansing. It can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase and

* Kiehls' "non-soap" cleansing bar ($7) comes in gorgeous colors and scents including coriander, vanilla, cucumber and musk. Available at Nordstrom in Towson.

* L'Occitane's square shea butter soap ($5) literally smells like the French countryside. Available at L'Occitane stores worldwide and at

Lathering up doesn't get any more fun than this.

A new vision

Remember Tag Heuer? The watch you couldn't live without? The line is hot and continues to be so, thanks to the company's ability to combine the latest technology with cool design.

Tag Heuer recently launched its first sunglasses collection, called Sport Vision. It includes three different types of lenses. The SV1 Outdoor lenses are for all outdoor sports, the SV1 Precision lenses are designed for precision activities like golf, tennis and driving, and the SV1 Watersports lenses are obviously created for activities such as sailing.

The sleek frames are made of lightweight metal alloys and patented invisible hinges. The comfort level factor is high too, since all components that come in contact with the skin can be adjusted for fit.

The frames, which range in price from $285 to $345, are available at exclusive opticians and in Tag Heuer boutiques.

Chic choppers

Beauty junkies, rejoice! The word chic can now be applied to toothpaste.

No longer do you need to resign yourself to drugstore brands like Crest or Colgate. Marvis toothpaste is here.

It's a minty, Italian-made paste that comes in a luxurious metal tube with a sculpted cap. It's different from mass-market brands because it has unusual flavors (aquatic mint, ginger mint and paradise fruit mint) and is less sweet than American pastes. And of course, it looks great in a bathroom.

The tubes cost $8.95, and are available by calling 800-793-LIFE or clicking on

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