Letters to the Editor


Stop wasting water on pools, ballparks

Directives have been issued by Annapolis, and rightly so, relevant to our water usage. Certainly, all agree that the judicious use of water is our number one priority today.

However, no restrictions have been placed on water for swimming pools on private property. This water is drawn from public fire hydrants in the county. I understand that the average pool requires in excess of 5,000 gallons. Water tanks and trucks pass my house five to six times per week, at least once a day.

I might also suggest that the water displays in ball parks, etc. are of no value to the general welfare of the people.

I was directed to a government agency for answers to my questions. Would you believe I was told, "Well, those people pay for it [water for their pools/displays in ball parks]" ?

In my opinion, the answer received was inappropriate, and insulting -- typical of the kinds of answers the public receives.

This being an election year, you would think that eager to be elected officials would open their eyes and address what is happening around them.

William F. Bloomer


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