That oh-so-familiar face


There's nothing like a character actor to make you say, Who is that guy and where have I seen him before? Here's where you may have caught some of those familiar faces.

Peter Facinelli, Fastlane: Appeared in Dancer, Texas, one of the better Texas-filmed movies about Texas, as well as Can't Hardly Wait and The Big Kahuna.

William Fichtner, MDs: Appeared in Pearl Harbor as Josh Hartnett's abusive father; in The Perfect Storm as a brawling sailor. Had a recurring role on Grace Under Fire.

John Hannah, MDs: Gave moving speech during Four Weddings and a Funeral; charmed Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors; provided comic relief in The Mummy movies; appeared in a couple of episodes of Alias.

Alfred Molina, Bram and Alice: Molina did a cocaine-fueled rant that was the highlight of the last half of Boogie Nights. His 60-plus roles include Magnolia, Chocolat and an early appearance in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Emily Procter, CSI: Miami: Played White House counsel Ainsley Hayes in The West Wing.

Tom Sizemore, Robbery Homicide Division: Appeared in Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down and Pearl Harbor. Had a recurring role on China Beach in 1989.

Mykelti Williamson, Boomtown: Bubba in Forrest Gump: also in Con-Air, Primary Colors, the short-lived TV remake of The Fugitive, and nearly 40 other movies and series.

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