What is the world coming to?


Telemarketers took the day off Sept. 11. A somber national commemoration of one of the worst tragedies in American history got most of them to stop dialing for dollars for a few hours at least.

That's what the quest for a little peace and quiet at home has come to. No one cares if you're sleeping late or taking a bath or eating dinner or swing-dancing in the dining room with the rugs rolled up. If you're sucker enough to answer the phone, they've got you. Sounds like no one's there at first, then a distant voice mispronounces your name and asks how you're doing today.


Many, many companies, including The Sun, use some version of this tactic to sell their products. It's become part of the American way of life. Even the crankiest among us understand that. They'd just like a few more no-call zones.

How about time-outs for Saturday afternoon naps?

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