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Vote totals in the Democratic primary for state comptroller were listed incorrectly in some editions yesterday. In Charles County, William Donald Schaefer received 4,763 votes, John T. Willis received 2,452, and Lih Young received 436. Statewide vote totals were 365,724 (68.5 percent) for Schaefer, 147,094 (27.5 percent) for Willis and 21,101 (4 percent) for Young.

Additionally, the chart showing voting for 8th Circuit Court judges in Baltimore City contained errors. The corrected results appear below.

The Sun regrets the error.

8th Circuit Judge (5 seats)


Shirley M. Watts 44,578 21

Clifton J. Gordy Jr. 41,630 20

Lynn K. Stewart 41,049 20

John M. Glynn 40,690 20

John Philip Miller 39,550 19


John M. Glynn 3,184 21

Clifton J. Gordy Jr. 3,116 20

Shirley M. Watts 3,101 20

John Philip Miller 3,080 20

Lynn K. Stewart 3,021 19

(All incumbents)

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