Ex-Terp Dele missing at sea for month


Former NBA player Bison Dele is among those missing at sea under "suspicious circumstances," his mother said.

Dele, who played one season at Maryland (1987-88) under his former name of Brian Williams; his girlfriend, Serena Karlan; and a three-person crew haven't been heard from in more than a month after setting sail to Honolulu from Tahiti, said Patricia Phillips, Dele's mother, and Scott Ohlgren, Karlan's stepfather.

Meantime, police in Phoenix have questioned Dele's brother, Miles, in connection with the attempted identity theft of Brian Williams, Ohlgren and Phillips said.

Detective Tony Morales of the Phoenix Police Department said someone using Brian Williams' identity tried to buy "a substantial amount" of gold from a local dealer. He wouldn't identify the person, who was questioned Thursday and released, Morales said.

Phoenix police and FBI officials are in contact regarding the cases, Morales said. When asked whether they were related, Morales said, "because of the circumstances it's a concern."

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