NFL injury report



Arizona at Washington

CARDINALS: Out: T Anthony Clement (arm); S Adrian Wilson (shoulder). Probable: C Mike Gruttadauria (neck).

REDSKINS: Out: LB Antonio Pierce (ankle); TE Walter Rasby (knee). Probable: DT Daryl Gardener (back); DE Otis Leverette (knee); LB Eddie Mason (shoulder); T Chris Samuels (ankle).

Atlanta at Green Bay

FALCONS: Out: LB Chris Draft (hamstring); LB Will Overstreet (shoulder). Doubtful: DE Travis Hall (groin/abdomen); LB Mark Simoneau (groin); LB Artie Ulmer (knee). Probable: LB Sam Rogers (groin); T Todd Weiner (shoulder).

PACKERS: Probable: C Mike Flanagan (hand); CB-KR Darrien Gordon (hamstring); CB Tod McBride (hamstring).

Dallas at Houston

COWBOYS: Out: T Tyson Walter (ankle). Doubtful: WR Reginald Swinton (hamstring). Questionable: T Flozell Adams (knee); T Solomon Page (ankle). Probable: CB Mario Edwards (hamstring); S Lynn Scott (concussion); LB Markus Steele (neck); RB Michael Wiley (ankle).

TEXANS: Out: T Ryan Schau (knee); T Ryan Young (groin). Doubtful: T Tony Boselli (shoulder). Questionable: G Cameron Spikes (thigh). Probable: QB David Carr (knee); LB Troy Evans (shoulder); T Jimmy Herndon (hamstring); LB Jason Lamar (leg); G Steve McKinney (calf); T Chad Overhauser (shoulder); LB Jamie Sharper (back); CB Jason Simmons (hamstring); CB Kenny Wright (shoulder).

Detroit at Miami

LIONS: Out: LB Clint Kriewaldt (foot). Doubtful: C Eric Beverly (calf). Probable: G Stockar McDougle (knee); WR Bill Schroeder (hip); G Tony Semple (knee); RB James Stewart (knee).

DOLPHINS: Out: DE David Bowens (hand); TE Desmond Clark (forearm). Doubtful: CB Omare Lowe (ankle). Questionable: S Scott McGarrahan (groin); CB Patrick Surtain (groin). Probable: DT Tim Bowens (toe); DE Rob Burnett (hamstring); S Arturo Freeman (hamstring); T Todd Wade (ankle); TE Jed Weaver (knee).

Indianapolis at Jacksonville

COLTS: Out: RB Jim Finn (foot); DT Josh Williams (foot). Questionable: DT James Cannida (hamstring); S Brian Leigeb (shoulder). Probable: S Cory Bird (hamstring); LB Greg Favors (ankle); CB Nicholas Harper (back/hip); CB Walt Harris (neck); QB Brock Huard (hand); CB Joseph Jefferson (ankle); QB Cory Sauter (foot); RB Shyrone Stith (knee).

JAGUARS: Out: LB T.J. Slaughter (elbow). Probable: DE Tony Brackens (knee); QB Mark Brunell (groin); CB Ike Charlton (foot); DE Paul Spicer (foot); DT Marcus Stroud (ankle).

Kansas City at Cleveland

CHIEFS: Out: DT Eric Downing (hernia). Questionable: LB Larry Atkins (calf). Probable: LB Monty Beisel (ankle); CB Ray Crockett (neck); LB Mike Maslowski (ankle).

BROWNS: Doubtful: S Earl Little (ankle); LB Ben Taylor (hamstring). Questionable: QB Tim Couch (forearm); DT Kenard Lang (ankle); TE Aaron Shea (shoulder). Probable: RB William Green (back).

Minnesota at Chicago

VIKINGS: Questionable: WR Kelly Campbell (concussion); WR Nick Davis (hamstring); WR Cedric James (hand); RB Harold Morrow (hamstring); LB Raonall Smith (shoulder).

BEARS: Out: WR Ahmad Merritt (hand). Questionable: DT Christian Peter (thumb). Probable: DT Alfonso Boone (ankle); S Mike Brown (hand); T Marc Colombo (foot); G Chris Villarrial (thumb).

New Orleans at Tampa Bay

SAINTS: Questionable: P Toby Gowin (hip); G Wally Williams (knee). Probable: DE Darren Howard (groin); S Mel Mitchell (ankle); DE Derrius Monroe (knee); WR Jake Reed (hamstring).

BUCCANEERS: Questionable: G Cosey Coleman (knee); RB Jameel Cook (ankle); DT Buck Gurley (ankle).

N.Y. Jets at Buffalo

JETS: Out: CB Jamie Henderson (shoulder); T Chris Smith (knee). Questionable: TE James Dearth (Achilles); DT Larry Webster (knee). Probable: DE John Abraham (knee); S Sam Garnes (hand).

BILLS: Probable: RB Sammy Morris (ankle).

Philadelphia at Tennessee

EAGLES: Out: WR Freddie Milons (leg). Doubtful: CB Troy Vincent (knee). Questionable: CB Lito Sheppard (quadriceps). Probable: LB Quinton Caver (knee); S Michael Lewis (ankle); LB Ike Reese (knee).

TITANS: Questionable: LB Frank Chamberlin (neck); S Richard Coady (ankle); DT Henry Ford (ankle); DE Jevon Kearse (triceps); DT John Thornton (ankle).

San Diego at Cincinnati

CHARGERS: Out: T Sammy Williams (hamstring). Doubtful: S Robert Carswell (knee). Questionable: RB Joey Goodspeed (ankle). Probable: CB Tay Cody (foot); RB Terrell Fletcher (ankle); T Damion McIntosh (knee); T Vaughn Parker (calf).

BENGALS: Probable: TE Sean Brewer (knee); G Mike Goff (leg); G Victor Leyva (ankle); LB Takeo Spikes (chest); WR Michael Westbrook (wrist).

Seattle at Oakland

SEAHAWKS: Out: DT John Hilliard (knee). Doubtful: DT John Randle (knee). Questionable: QB Trent Dilfer (knee). Probable: LB Anthony Simmons (knee).

RAIDERS: Out: G Mo Collins (knee). Doubtful: P Shane Lechler (quadriceps). Probable: S Anthony Dorsett (foot); LB Bill Romanowski (back); RB Tyrone Wheatley (knee).

St. Louis at Denver

RAMS: Out: WR Troy Edwards (knee); RB James Hodgins (foot). Questionable: C Frank Garcia (ankle); DE Leonard Little (thigh). Probable: QB Jamie Martin (shoulder); G Adam Timmerman (knee).

BRONCOS: Out: G Lennie Friedman (thumb). Questionable: WR Kevin Kasper (rib). Probable: RB KaRon Coleman (ankle/foot); DT Lional Dalton (ankle); K Jason Elam (hamstring); DT Chester McGlockton (knee); CB Tyrone Poole (thigh); CB Lenny Walls (ankle).


Pittsburgh at New England

STEELERS: Probable: LB Kendrell Bell (ankle); LB Clark Haggans (knee); DT Chris Hoke (ribs); G Kendall Simmons (hamstring); WR Hines Ward (appendectomy).

PATRIOTS: Questionable: CB Tommy Knight (leg); T Steve Neal (shoulder).

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